Arkham Circle
Death Metal. What else?

Who are we?


Arkham Circle was founded in 2012, by friends Stefan (drums), Walti (guitar), Polli (bass) and Jürgen (guitar) to play death metal in the style of Vader. After the first rehearsals, however, it became clear that the band tend more in the direction of Swedish death metal as practiced by Dismember or Bloodbath, for example. With Jan a suitable singer was found very quickly. According to the band name, the lyrics were about the horror world of H. P. Lovecraft.

When Jürgen left the band for health and personal reasons, a replacement on guitar was found relatively quickly in 2014 with Paula, a punk rock guitarist with a preference for bands like Bolt Thrower or Benediction.

At the end of 2015 Arkham Circle played the first concert in Schwäbisch Gmünd in this line-up, where there was a consistently good response.

In 2016 fate struck and Polli and Walti left the band after personal differences. With Tobi we could win back an old companion of the band on the guitar and we decided to continue without a bass player for the time being. When Jan left the band as well, Arkham Circle was on the verge of breaking up. Michael, who left his old band Morbus Kronn shortly before, was able to prevent this by joining the band. In 2017 we got the chance to play as support band for Fleshcrawl, at Rock It in Aalen. Markus, also from Morbus Kronn, agreed to help out on bass for this gig. But that very evening he joined Arkham Circle and the line up was complete again.

In the meantime, the style changed further, in the direction of british bands. In the next 2 years the band was able to gain some live experience and to start 2 concert series. In 2018 Arkham Circle also decided to go into the studio to record the first album. With Magge, an old hand in the matter of death metal was won for this. At the end of the year, "Exist To Exit" saw the light of day, which has received quite good reviews.

The next few years we were able to continue playing live through the country. Until it came to the "Super Gau" by Covid-19 at the beginning of 2020. During this time Stefan, as the last remaining founding member, decided to hang up his drumsticks and left Arkham Circle. He was replaced by Alex from Torment Tool, who left Virocracy shortly before. This allowed us to work on new material for album #2. Unfortunately Tobi had to leave the band due to health reasons.

When it was possible to play concerts again, Markus changed to the guitar and we got Holger from Wormcluster as a live bass player in the band, so that Arkham Circle could enter the stage with a full line-up.

In 2022 there will be two line up changes within the band. Markus (yes, the 3rd one) will join us as a permanent member on the bass and Alex will be replaced by another Michael for he moved to France and has to do a lot while joining Debauchery on Live drums. We thank him for his work in Arkham Circle an wish him all the best for his future plans and projects.

We were working hardly on new material for our new output. This beast, called "Weapons Of Choice" was released in September 2023 as an EP and we hope to bring it to the audience by playing live  as much as possible next year!