Arkham Circle
Death Metal. What else?


- Our new EP "Weapons Of Choice" will be released at the ONOTA Pt.4 on September 16th. Among all pre-sold tickets, we raffle 10 copies of this EP

- The Line Up for the One Night Over The Abyss Pt.4 is almost complete. The following bands are confirmed so far: AXIT (Death Metal from Bretten), Andabata (Death Metal without guitars from Nürnberg), Arkham Circle (Groove-Death Metal from Stuttgart), WILT (Old School Death Metal from Herford), Plagueborne (Brutal Death Metal from Arnstadt). The headliner will be announced on Friday, April 14th. The presale for the tickets starts on April 29th at The Zinsholz Metal Battle (Chapter 2) or on May 1st via mail to

- On the 16th of September the One Night Over The Abyss goes into the next round. For the fourth time we present you at the Zentrum Zinsholz, bands from different areas of death metal that will make your blood boil! Six bands in the number, to be exact. Which of them will be there, we will tell you in the coming weeks. Be curious!

- On April 29th we will organize the 2nd Zinsholz Metal Battle at the Zentrum Zinsholz in Ruit. Team Tot (Sindelfingen), The Aeons Torn (Ulm), Therein (Geislingen) and Fateful Finality (Weil der Stadt) will leave no stone unturned and breathe life back into your tired bones. Be there!

- Two more gigs are confirmed for 2022. On November 12th we will play at Sonnenkeller in Balingen with Warmes Bier, Nekkromaniac and Asgard and on December 3rd. we will turn the Studentenzentrum Z10 in Karlsruhe upside down together with AXIT and our friends from Demorphed.

- There will be another Line Up change going on in the band. We will part with Alex on drums after the ONOTA Pt. 3 Gig in October. No bad blood between us just a few hundred kilometers. The new guy on the drums will be the second Michael in the band and he will join his first rehearsals this days with us!

- 2 new live shows are scheduled. On November 19th we will play at the Death And Black Metal Overkill at Sakrema in Pforzheim with Dogma Omega and Beast Of Damnation and on the weekend of May 26th/27th at the Devil's Covenant Fest 2023 at the EXIT Live Club in Schwedt with Jarl, Hangatyr, Shards Of A Lost World and many more

- Arkham Circle has a new permanent member on the bass. He listens to the name of Markus and is now the 3rd in row!

- Arkham Circle is part of the Gefrierfest at Kupferdächle in Pforzheim on March 5th 2022 with Dark Zodiak and Gefrierbrand. Eintritt frei!

-New Flyer for One Night Over The Abyss Pt.3 with a small Line-Up change is online. Godskill is new on the billing. They're playing instead of Virocracy.

- One Night Over The Abyss Pt. 3 has been rescheduled for Oct. 8, 2022!

- New Lyric Video coming soon! Check out our Youtube Channel for more Videos!

- Arkham Circle is now on Spotify - Check it out!